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The business world
is constantly changing.

Credit applications, on the other hand,
haven't changed in decades. Fresh Credit is here to change that.

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1. Sign up.

Both Buyers and Sellers create an account. Fresh Credit helps build a digital trade network to shorten the time it takes to communicate with prospects, customers, and suppliers.

2. Find Your Company.

Fresh Credit has millions of uniquely identified businesses in its database. Buyers and Sellers can better ensure they are connecting with verified companies—the ones they intend to do business with.

Make it easy on yourself! Use the search feature to select your company and the one your are doing business with. This extra verification step helps keep the network honest and efficient—not polluted by fake companies or incorrect information.

You can help Fresh Credit improve its database by adding a new entry. Simply click "I can't find my company" and fill-in your current information. (There will be a way to simply update the info in the near future).

3. The Seller sends a new credit app.

With Fresh Credit, this can be done in a matter of seconds. Simply click "new credit application", fill out the contact information, the terms, and voila!

4. Fresh Credit notifies the Buyer.

The Buyer receives an email with a link that will take her directly to the credit application.

5. The Buyer joins the network.

The Buyer completes the credit application and adds contact information for trade and bank References. It's just like doing it on paper, but Fresh Credit is there to give an indication of the strength of the application.

6. The References' feedback will come directly to the Seller.

References will be notified by email to fill out a short, but comprehensive form about the Buyer. By doing everything from the comfort of a computer, it saves the time and hassle of using a fax machine.

7. The Seller decides with confidence.

The Seller can review the References' feedback and has all the necessary information at her fingertips. Fresh Credit will even help by making credit recommendations.
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8. The Buyer can send a credit application to new Sellers.

Once the Buyer completes the credit application, Fresh Credit will keep all the information on file so it can be sent out an unlimited number of times, instantly.